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Urethane Innovators, Custom Molded Urethane Products

Urethane Innovators, Inc is a market leader and innovator in the manufacturing of thermoset cast polyurethane products.

We offer a wide range of specialty formulated compounds. These formulations are developed to provide the best overall resistance to most chemicals and solvents. So that we can provide the best formulation for your application, please specify any type of chemicals used. All of our formulations provide excellent stability, durometer control, and abrasion resistance and tear strength.

Our cast solid urethane products are used in thousands of applications in a variety of industries.

Combining many years of manufacturing & engineering experience with a wide range of formulated compounds, we deliver fast, innovative and economical solutions to your most demanding projects.

Our focus is you!

Since 1977, our focus has been on what is important to you - timely delivery, competitive pricing, and quality - by understanding your business and your unique requirements.

We offer the following servics:

  • Turnkey product development
  • In-house engineering and tooling departments
  • Quick turnaround and lead times
  • Five-axis tooling and trimming capacities
  • Assembly of components

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